Teams want explanation for finals draw

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The National, Monday 25th March 2013


THE executives and the judiciary committee of the Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup rugby league challenge have been urged to stand by decisions they made for the teams and competition.

This is because several teams who have lost are seen in the draw to play again, while others who were fined for offences are in as well.

An official from a team in the highlands who did not want to be named raised the concern upon seeing that some teams who had not earned the right to play were scheduled for the finals.

He said that was unfair as teams who had lost would be taking the field.

He said in the northern challenge held in Lae, Kamu Crushers and Bulolo Miners won, while the Buyond Dogs and Morobe Tips lost.

He said in the eastern challenge Yondu Warriors won and in the Chimbu challenge Sine Yongu Brothers, TNA Angras and Cream Brothers were in the race.

In the Jiwaka challenge Kondo East and Kuma Kerax Cowboys were undefeated and Baiyer Brothers are in first place in the Western Highlands race.

Wantok Off Cuts Trading are the best performers in the Southern Highlands challenge, while Wapenamanda Snax Tigers leads the Enga competition.

In Port Moresby, Paga Panthers are the leaders while Kokopo Muruks head the New Guinea Islands challenge.

The official said these were the winning teams who had qualified to play in the finals.

He said things looked suspicious with losing teams in the race again. 

“One example is how the Morobe Tips and Beyond Dogs are going for the Easter finals in Wabag after losing the opening match in Lae,” he asked.

“This is not fair and proper for teams that are qualified for the finals.”

He said qualified teams had wasted their resources and committed their time in the CCIC challenge but in return nothing good was coming out from their hard work.

“The way the executive is running the Ipatas Cup is not fair with the teams and officials.