Tear the casino building down


THE recent parliamentary discussions regarding the probe into the failed casino development at 4-Mile are misguided and would result in loss of money.
The project has always been questionable and the people of Papua New Guinea and the National Capital District should have been screaming for answers for years.
How does a questionable project get approval in the first place?
It was all dodgy and has been now left to rot as a monument because of the greed of our leaders back then. It’s hard to believe that we want to create ‘Amazing Port Moresby’ and make developers jump through crazy hoops to build quality projects yet we let this eyesore sit in the middle of the city.
Tear it down!
What’s even worse is that we have a ridiculous claim by the Hela Governor Philip Undialu that the landowners from his province that invested in this circus should somehow be entitled to possible reimbursements.
There should be no money paid by the Government to these landowners.

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  • we have lost of self reserved gusts occupying those rooms, then they go to 4 mile and sale betal nuts, steal and go back to their hotel rooms.
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