Tech savvy heads needed


IT is clear that many public servants appointed to senior positions across the country are not well versed with the modern way of communicating.
In this digital age, we need people who are conversant with technology and the technicalities involved in managing a program.
Papua New Guinea is part of the global community and therefore needs to embrace the modern ways and methods of working. For instance, our international development partners are used to communicating through email, which is the most accepted form of communication, and at times on other social media platforms.
If a senior public servant is not conversant with the email system, how can he or she bring the message across?
Often there is a delay in everything and important programmes are overlooked.
Methods of reporting have also improved and standardised.
During the selection of public servants, especially with the appointment of provincial administrators, such criteria should be considered.
We want a vibrant public service machinery run by a competent head who can run the affairs of the provinces efficiently.

Concerned PS, Goroka, EHP

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