Teen committed to trial for allegedly raping cousin, 12


A YOUTH, 18, has been committed to a trial in the National Court for allegedly raping his 12-year-old cousin.
Central District Court Magistrate Marcus Nandape found sufficient evidence provided against the youth in the police investigation report.
Magistrate Nandape told the court that evidence was provided by the Sogeri health centre staff who treated the girl.
The youth’s name was withheld to protect the identity of the girl.
He is from Kaitana village in Hiri, Central. The alleged offence occurred at the Kaitana village, Sirinumu Dam, where the victim lived with the youth.
It was alleged that last Aug 30, around 11am, the youth followed the girl to the river where she went to wash dirty pots.
The youth allegedly stopped the girl and asked about her mother.
The girl told the youth that her mother went to the garden.
The youth allegedly grabbed the girl and pushed her into a nearby bush where he sexually assaulted her before fleeing.
The girl’s mother found her when she returned from the garden.
She (mother) then took her daughter to the Sogeri health centre where she received medical treatment.
The man was later arrested and detained at the Boroko cell and then charged with raping a minor.
He was out on bail and is scheduled to appear for listing at the National Court on March 16.


  • another story of a society which is suffering from a rapidly declining moral values which now makes humans behaving like dogs.

  • This type of offence is reported almost every week in the media and as a father of a daughter I feel remorse for the victims and concern about my own child and other innocent children’s safety. A most effective way to combat this crime and am sure too many people would not agree on is “to legal sex trade”. The idea is to provide avenue for such person who can not resist the drive for sex to go and satisfy their desire and not turning on helpless innocent minors and girls.. PNG is a Christian country and to be called a Christian one must live by faith. God gave each one the power to choose and one should not force anyone against his/her right to choose. Let alone the faithful one to standby the Word.

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