Teen gets 25yrs for killing dad

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A TEENAGER was jailed 25 years by the National Court in Lae for murdering his father two years ago.
Justice Frazer Pitpit told Ivan Tuat, 19, from Ambunti in East Sepik that “killing a relative (in this case his biological father) is bad.
Justice Pitpit ordered that Tuat’s three years spent in custody be deducted and further suspended another two years under the court’s discretion.
Tuat will serve 20 years in jail with hard labour in Buimo Prison.
Justice Pitpit told Tuat that despite the provocation involved that led to him killing his father, it was not an excuse for his conduct.
“You used an iron bar (a coconut husking bar) and shot your father on the chest that penetrated his lungs, causing internal bleeding, loss of blood and eventually, he died.
The killing was deliberate and you were trying to cause grievous bodily harm to your father,” he said.
The killing occurred after Tuat had an argument with his father over some family issues.
The fight between Tuat and his father started and Tuat was chased away. He returned with the bar and waited in hiding for his father to come by.
As soon as his father was in sight, Tuat emerged from hiding and threw the bar at this father, which hit him on the chest.