Teen thankful for heart operation

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The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013


JONATHAN Kilt, 18, is recovering from a heart operation but keeps on thinking about his brother who had died after suffering the same problem. 

“I am thankful because I can now live a normal life. But it is sad to say I had a brother who had died of the same heart problem,” he said at the Port Moresby General Hospital intensive care unit where he is recuperating after undergoing operation. 

Kilt said he was born with the heart problem, which made it hard to breathe. Now he can breathe normally.

Two babies were among those recovering from heart operations at the Port Moresby General Hospital. 

The operations were done by a team of doctors from Australia  as part of the Operation Open Heart programme. 

Babies Christina Michael and Esther Isako, seven and five months old respectively, were operated on as close-heart patients while Kilt underwent an open-heart operation. 

Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Noah Tapaua said after the operations, patients were admitted to the intensive care unit and could be discharged within 24 hours, depending on how fast they recovered. 

“Initially, we have 35 close-heart cases, we have operated on all and we have six more to do.  Altogether with open heart cases, 51 patients have been operated on,” he said. 

Both babies were operated on over the weekend, while Kilt, who came from Kelowaghi, Western Highlands, was operated on last week. 

Isako’s mother died while giving birth to her. Her grandmother Rebecca Isako is looking after her.

“We are grateful that the operation has been done and it has been a tremendous job done by the local and foreign doctors,” she said.