Teenager raped by ‘escorts’ after partying

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The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

A 17-YEAR-old girl was raped at the Wara Bris Camp in Vanimo, West Sepik, by three men last Saturday, police say.  
The young woman from Boikin, East Sepik, was returning home from a dance at a section of the Wara Bris Camp with the men as “escorts” when they turned around and raped her.
Police briefs said the young woman followed the suspects home after they promised to escort her safely home.
Provincial police commander Tobby Hamago said the girl followed the trio “because they lived on the same street and that she knows them and trusted they will take care of her”.
Hamago said while they were about 150m from their settlement, one of the suspects took out a bush knife and threatened to kill her.
Hamago said they ordered her not to shout, forced her into nearby bushes, stripped her and took turns in raping her.
Police said the suspects, all in their mid-20s from Ningra village, Vanimo, fled leaving the victim in the bushes.
Hamago said the girl and her parents reported the matter to police that same day.
The suspects could not be found.
Hamago said he could not verify whether the girl was a student but said she was traumatised by the incident and had sought treatment at the Vanimo General Hospital.
“I appeal to local residents not to harbour these criminals.
“They have no respect for human beings and can turn around and rape female folks in your home,” Hamago said.
“If the suspects can rape their own neighbour, what guarantee is there that they will not rape the wives, daughters, aunties or sisters of those who are harbouring them,” he said.
He urged parents in the province to monitor the movement of their children, especially girls.
He said schools were closing and many parties were being held in the township.
Moreover, marijuana and homebrew were consumed openly by party-goers.