Telefomin campaign


We need an awareness programme in Telefomin to promote issues like education and health and the government policies that cover them.
There have not been any such awareness programmes in the district. Most of our people live in rural communities and they do not easily access information that can help them. But how are we going to do it?
Should we wait for someone to do that for us?
We all should put up our hands up and work together with the authorities to move our district forward.
The Telefomin district can organise student groups to run these awareness programmes on issues affecting our district.
Again, this will need funding, which the district development authority and our local MP can help with.
If we provide information to our people then we will help educate them on what is happening and what changes are taking place.
The awareness programmes can run during the Christmas break when the students are home.
We, the students, are ready to do this to educate our people, but we need the support of the authorities in our district.


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