Telefomin hospital


I thank everyone involved in the redevelopment of the Telefomin Rural Hospital, which has been serving the people of the district.
It is great to finally have a hospital like that on our doorstep.
However, Telefomin district has not produced enough doctors of its own. Students of the district should consider medicine and not focus on engineering and technical courses.
An awareness campaign is needed to help our young students seriously consider applying to study medicine at University of Papua New Guinea and Divine Word University.
In the past, our MPs did not put enough emphasis on medical schools in their scholarship programmes. The current MP has taken a different approach and hopefully things will change.
The newly redeveloped hospital needs new equipment, like X-ray machines, installed and maintained, otherwise it can’t be referred to as a hospital.
It also needs doctors there on a permanent basis so that our people don’t have to travel to other centres to see one.


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