Telefomin tertiary students benefit from MP’s fund

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 14th May 2013

 TELEFOMIN MP Solan Mirisim distributed K67,500 to more than 50 students from the district attending tertiary institutions in Lae.

Telefomin students studying at Balob Teachers’ College, Multi Skills Training, Innovative Training Centre, Missionary Training College and PNG National Poly Technical Institution (formerly Lae Tech) were handed the money.

Two other institutions – the International Training Institution and Commercial Training College – were asked to provide the names of Telefomin students.

Balob for K32,000 for the 17 students attending the college. PolyTech received K18,000, Multi Skills K7,500, Missionary college K6,000 and Innovative  K4,000.

Mirisim said he wanted to assist parents with school fees but warned the students that he did not want to see the money go to waste.

“Education is life and good education can transform a community, district, province and the nation,” he said.

Mirisim said he would be assisting more than 500 students with school fees by the end of his term as an MP.

“I challenge you students to commit yourselves in your studies and complete schooling with flying colours so that you have better life and brighter future  and so the money spent on you is worth it,” he said.

Mirisim said the students should make the most of it and he was keen to see the scheme worth the money invested.