Television stations urged to use technology to improve coverage


I UNDERSTAND there is a big gap or difference between technology in developed countries and that in developing nations.
We do also understand that media is an effective medium of communication through a large number or a group of people at one time.
We watch EMTV and TVWAN news at 6pm every day.
We also watch Sunrise and the Todays Show every morning and sometimes we watch BBC World news, SBS news and the list goes on.
However, it is very annoying and absurd to see our local TV news only displaying pictures instead of showing live video footages, lengthy reading articles without a picture or video, no weather forecaster journalist to read weather forecast and sometimes we missed out on the stock market.
By the way, shockingly, we do not see Skype or video interviews or conferencing on EMTV and TVWAN news .
One factor is their failure to not fully upgrade their facilities and hardware to integrate and digitalise the technology.
The barrier of digital divide was overcome by ICT education and awareness some decades ago.
Technology was also an important agenda in last year’s Apec summit in Port Moresby.
Technology is everybody’s business, so please upgrade as we are moving forward into digital age now.

Concerned viewer
SKO Parua Dust

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