Television voice lacking appeal


THE NBC management should train their television reporters to read the news well with a voice that sounds professional.
In this day and age we are more acquainted with foreign media reporters on TV and radio and they have a more appealing voice pitch.
How a presenter or reporter reads the news affects his or her rating in the eyes and ears of the audience.
One good example of this is a programme on ABC radio Australia called AM and PM.
I really like it because of its content and to add flavour to it is the announcer’s professional tone of voice. I also like CBS, CNN, and Fox news.
These are the kind of media outlets our local reporters need to be acquainted with to be able improve their style, their voice pitch and reporting.
Every time certain NBC TV reporters come on air I switch my radio or TV to another station or channel.
I sympathise and don’t blame them. By listening to their pitch when reading their stories one can tell that the level of training they have received has been minimal or none at all.
I am raising this issue because foreigners and locals are interested in the news and NBC is the only media outlet that disseminates local content broadly.
By not training our young reporters to present their reports in a more-appealing voice, turns off listeners and viewers.
NBC is a PNG government-run media organisation and its operations are funded by the taxpayer, therefore the people of this country expect better quality than they are getting.
I am appealing to NBC TV to look into this issue and improve the reporters’ skill by engaging a foreign media organisation to run a workshop on voice skills and presentation.

Netzah M Kendino

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