Telikom’s Easter discount a hit in Hagen

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TELIKOM PNG has announced a massive discount for its access wireless phones as part of its Easter promotions.
“Buy one, get one free” wireless phone for as low as K55 was the message and was selling fast when The National visited the sales area last Wednesday in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province.
The promotion started last Wednesday and runs for two weeks until April 15.
People swarmed the sales area with queries or a chance to purchase a wireless phone.
The call rates are charged at 6t peak hours and 3t off-peak hours which are low compared to the two mobile network rates.
According to senior sales representative, Simon Kama, the phones would make communication easier and cheaper.
He said it could be used anywhere and installed in homes just like the ordinary land line phones and were portable.
Mr Kama said calls could be made locally, outside of the province, overseas, to mobile and other wireless phones.
He said the phone could be recharged using the Rait Prepaid and Telikad, and also offered services such as text messaging.
A customer, Robert Ak, said he would buy one and get the free one for his parents. 
He said the mobile phone boom, like other centres around the country, had hit the province and both mobile networks sell their handsets like hot cakes despite the prices and varying call rates.
Mr Kama said the wireless phone, was efficient and he would install one at his parents house so that he could call them from work in Port Moresby.
He said it was also easier for his parents as they were old and did not know how to use the mobile phones.