Telikom’s high internet charges

Letters, Normal

I WAS shocked to learn recently from Current Affairs (EMTV) that internet rates and charges are unbelievably high in PNG.
In Australia, internet providers charge A$40 to A$50 (about K100 to K150) for 130GB.
In PNG, Telikom is charging K5 for every 25MB, which means I have to pay K200 for just 1GB!
If I were to use 130GB, then I would end up paying a mammoth K26,000 when our counterparts in Australia only pay K150.
This is ridiculous.
The ICCC should look into this matter and regulate the internet industry so that the internet users are able to access internet at a reasonable price.
It seemed Telikom has not learned its lesson from pre-competition days and is trying to make a killing at the expense of its loyal customers.


Marapa Bepo
Port Moresby