Telikom, airline letdown

Letters, Normal

A COUPLE of weeks ago we were all very happy to read the report that Telikom and Air Niugini were going to sell an international telephone card so that we could ring back home without paying  high costs for  calls from overseas.
The cards are to be sold at Air Niugini offices so we went to Air Niugini Office in Brisbane to collect our cards to call home … no cards there.
The people in the Brisbane office had not heard anything about these cards from Port Moresby.
So can Telikom and Air Niugini please tell us, what is happening after the big announcement in Port Moresby?
Will we get the cards? When will we get the cards?
There are thousands of people here who are really waiting to call their families and friends at home and around the world.
Get your act together and let us know what is happening.


Lonely voices, via email