Telikom, bmobile open first joint flagship shop and office


THE merging of Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd (KTHL) subsidiaries reached another milestone on Friday with the opening of their first joint flagship shop and Bmobile’s new office at Telikom Rumana.
The retail shop will serve both customers of Telikom PNG and bmobile under one roof.
It is a one-stop-shop for both mobile services and fixed services customers.
Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd managing-director Paul Hyde said the launching was a significant step in unifying KTHL and its member companies.
Hyde said this was the first tangible sign that the two SOEs were starting to integrate.
He said the cooperation between both teams was a” sign of great things to come.”
“This is a huge step forward in terms of KTH and member companies,” Hyde said. “We are becoming an integrated communications provider.
“This is a showcase of what we can and what we are going to be in the future.”
KTHL Group chairman Andrew Johnson and deputy chairman Reuben Kautu called on all employees to have the passion and believe in what they do and to work together.
“You have to have the passion for the job that you are doing,” Johnson said.
“Believe that we (KTHL) will rise again to be the best telecommunications company, providing and serving the people of this great nation with the best telecommunications services.”
The event was witnessed by members of the Kumul Telikom Holdings Ltd board, CEOs of all subsidiaries and their member companies and employees of Telikom PNG and bmobile.