Telikom, Boroko Rotary give books to Tubusereia school

Normal, Papua

THE lack of a library and reading books in schools in the country has seen a sluggish progress in holistic development for most students.
This observation was made when Telikom Foundation Inc and the Boroko Rotary Club visited Tubusereia Primary School over the weekend to deliver boxes of reading books, chairs and tables amidst an emotional welcome from teachers.
Ray Eka, who has been teaching in the school for more than nine years, while sharing the same concerns, said the students seemed to have less confidence in expressing themselves and to communicate openly in the English language due to the lack of exposure to reading books and reading.
She said students lacked general understanding of the subject matter and their English learning process was slow, attributing this phenomenon to the lack of a library and reading books in the school.
Due to the high cost of purchasing reading books, the school had to do without it for many years.
The school was also without a library up until last September when a double classroom was built through funding from the local MP.
Eka said one of the classrooms would be converted into a library to cater for the books donated and thanked Telikom Foundation and Boroko Rotary Club for the timely donation.
She assured that the students would be encouraged to read to broaden their knowledge and to help them succeed in their English usage as books were now available at the school.
CEO of Telikom Foundation Inc Brian Sam, in handing over more than 50 boxes of reading books to the school, said that this dilemma could be put to rest now that the books were made available for the students’ reading. 
“Books are a fundamental tool in the overall learning process of human beings and that students, at the early stages, must be exposed to books,” Sam said.
He said when broader learning was achieved, changes in the lives of individual students started to materialise where  they would begin developing self-confidence in themselves.