Telikom eyes new gadgets

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TELIKOM PNG Ltd is pressing ahead with introduction of new communication technology despite outstanding inter-connection issues between  mobile phone companies bemobile and Digicel.
While it insists that inter-connections rates should drop drastically, Telikom last week entered into an arrangement with one of the world’s leading integrated communication companies and deployed a system to take PNG users to the next level of high-speed, low-cost broadband and other associated services.
Telikom deployed Amdocs Compact Convergence –  a network-connected, integrated solution for convergent real-time charging, customer care, self-care and value-added services (VAS).
This solution is part of a larger project in which Telrad Networks Ltd of Israel is upgrading Telikom PNG’s entire network infrastructure.
The company is a leading provider of customer experience systems in 60 countries worldwide.
It offers help to service providers explore new business models, differentiate through personalised customer experiences and streamline operations.
A global company with revenue of US$2.86 billion (K7.8 billion) in fiscal 2009, Amdocs has approximately 18,000 employees and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.
Amdocs Compact Convergence supports Telikom PNG’s fixed-wireless, wireline and high-speed data offerings, including WiMAX, ADSL and broadband satellite including prepaid voice, data and SMS services.