Telikom launches X’cess mobile in Bougainville

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X’CESS wireless is now more portable with Telikom PNG introducing its mobile version of the X’cess wireless phone in Arawa last Friday. 
The introduction of the mobile phone coincided with Telikom PNG’s launch of the wireless network in Arawa that same day.
This makes the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, the first place outside of Port Moresby to receive the mobile handset service through the wireless network (CDMA).
Being consciously aware that calls from the wireless service is charged at 6t per minute at peak hours and 3t per minute at off-peak hours, Bougainvilleans could not let the golden opportunity slip by as they scrambled to queue up at the Independence Park to write history by purchasing the cheap Telikom X’cess mobile handsets.
As people also realised the importance of internet usage in improving lives, the wireless internet modem (EVDO) and the X’cess wireless phones also made good sales on the day.
With the availability of the wireless network now available in the once bustling township, people in Arawa can now sit back in their homes and purchase airline ticket or do online banking without paying K50 to travel more than 100km to Buka to do the transactions.
Member for Central Bougainville Jimmy Miringtoro hailed the region as being the first to receive the X’cess wireless and telephone mobile service after Port Moresby and pledged his support to the communications company to further its work in the region.
Miringtoro expressed appreciation for the reality that communication was now being rebuilt in the region in line with new and improved technology to better the lives of the people after most of the telecommunication infrastructure in the region was stripped and left in ruins during the crisis.
“Communication service in Bougainville was down during the crisis, but we will now rise and move forward in terms of cheap and affordable communication solutions.
“The introduction of the X’cess mobile phones is a step forward for us,” he said.
Telikom PNG Ltd chief executive officer Peter Loko said Telikom PNG was committed to ensure that every one in the country had access to cheap and affordable communication solutions.
He urged every one in the Autonomous Region to fully utilise the service and to take care of it so that tangible development is realised over time through the use of the service.