Telikom must lower internet rates

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The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

Telikom is enjoying internet monopoly like it used to enjoy in the mobile phone sector before Digicel came here.
Its internet charges are incredibly high and unjustifiable.
We have an underwater cable, the cheapest means of internet transmission.
I would not have complained of the high charges if we were using satellite, like the Solomon Islands.
We have always ended up as losers when it comes to such services and we should not be fooled by Telikom. 
Telikom always comes up with services targeting a few locations only with businesses and the rich minority in Papua New Guinea.
What is the government doing about this modern way of educating its citizens?
Who will be looking at PNG websites within the country? Only a handful and not every Papua New Guinean.
The chart above shows what is currently being charged in Australia and Fiji compared to Telikom and all ISPs under it.
Our neighbouring Asian countries are not included as they are a lot cheaper.
Every country in the world is doing its best for its citizens to have access to the internet at very cheap rates but PNG is doing the opposite.
The ball is now in your court, PNG government, department officials and Telikom CEO.


Maurice Rondeau
Via email