Telikom must tighten security measures

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I REFER to the letter “Telikom internet rates” (The National, May 13).
I am a user of Telikom EDVO modem and appreciate the improved access to the internet.
Early this year, I no­ticed my internet units were disappearing at a fu­rious rate.
After approaching Teli­kom and having the matter looked into, I found the rates were still as advertised but some unauthorised person(s) managed to steal and use my credits.
Currently, the system uses a seven-digit number as the username along with a four-digit password.
Any of my 12A compu­ter studies students can tell you this is a weak and insecure form of password protection and can be easily hacked.
I am happy to inform readers you can prevent unathorised access by contacting Telikom and re­quest your password be changed.
I changed my password to a much longer and more complex password and, since then, I did not lose any more credits.
I have been told that many Telikom internet users have lost their credits this way but I have yet to see a warning from Telikom in the newspapers advising its loyal customers to change their passwords.
Telikom needs to address this issue urgently.


Dave Ogles
Mt Hagen