Telikom offers cheap call rates

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The National, Tuesday February 25th, 2014


TELIKOM PNG Ltd has reduced its fixed line service rates to as low as one toea per minute. 

The new rates are for postpaid and prepaid services with 60 toea flat rate charged for connections of every call made.

These calls cover two categories –  calls  within a province and calls  between provinces. 

Divisional manager, marketing and business development Xavier Victor said the new rates applied for every minute.

He said the benefits that fixed line users would experience from the new rates include : 

  • One toea charged during both on and off peak hours – local calls and;
  • Fifty toea charged for peak hours and 25 toea for off peak hours – national calls.

Peak hours are between 8am and 6pm weekdays while off peak hours are between 6.01pm and 7.59am weekdays, all day Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, Telikom said the new rates for its fixed lines to other mobile networks:

  • Fixed line to Citifon for both peak and off peak hours is 10 toea;
  • Fixed line to bemobile during peak hours is 80 toea and off peak hours is 40 toea;
  • Fixed line to Digicel during peak hours is 80 toea and off peak is 40 toea 

From Citifon to other networks: 

  • Fixed line – 10 toea
  • Citifon – 10 toea
  • bemobile – 40 toea
  • Digicel – 40 toea

“The immediate focus is on simplifying existing pricing of voice calls, which are complicated,” Victor said.