Telikom provides lunch for inmates

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LAWBREAKERS can add value to someone’s life if their potentials are recognised, Telikom PNG chief executive officer Peter Loko said.
Mr Loko said this on Sunday during Telikom PNG’s Christmas luncheon for inmates and Correctional Service officers at Bomana jail, outside Port Moresby.
He told the 78 inmamates, both men and women, that despite being condemned by the law and given many name tags, they had the potential to make a difference in someone’s life and add value to it.
“People have given you all sorts of names because of what you have done against the law. I am calling you all leaders.
“You all have the potentials to add values to someone and make a difference to the nation with your skills and talents,” Mr Loko said.
He said he was touched and inspired by inmate musicians who entertained them with Christmas carols during the luncheon.
Mr Loko told the inmates that since their loved ones could not spend time and share the festive spirit with them, Telikom PNG and its executives and staff including their families were there to comfort them as a show of care and love for fellow citizens.
Deputy commissioner for CIS, corporate affairs Dominic Tomar acknowledged Telikom PNG’s generosity and care for the inmates during the time when festive period is just around the corner.
“It is not just having a luncheon here but signifies a realisation important and human the inmates.
“Such gesture reflects how caring a people’s telecommunication company is and we hope to build a long term partnership with you,” Mr Tomar said.
The luncheon was complemented by a presentation of six wireless handsets for MSU and 200 Telikom T-shirts for inmates.