Telikom service


I AM a new subscriber of Telikom PNG’s mobile service.
Although I am happy with the data plan and the 4G network, I am not happy with Telikom’s customer service.
I went to the Telikom agent counter on the second floor of Vision City Mega Mall, in Waigani, Port Moresby, to buy a SIM card.
I was told that they had been out of stock for at least two weeks.
I was quickly sent away downstairs to check PhoneTech if they had any.
I bought a SIM card there for K10 and was told to go back upstairs if I wanted a top-up.
I did.
Back upstairs, I asked for advice on the types of top-ups available.
No one there was able to explain that to me.
They simply said that they were only acting as Telikom agents.
They’d received no training at all about the services they were supposed to be selling.
I bought a K40 data top-up and asked if I could have my SIM card registered.
Sorry, can’t do that, I was told.
I was told that if I wanted to register my SIM card, then I had to go to Telikom Rumana, somewhere behind Vision City.
“Anywhere else?” I asked.
“No,” she replied, “only Rumana.”
I said the sun was hot and I didn’t have a car.
I was told it was not far and I could walk there.
The SIM registration deadline is the end of April so I had time, I was told.
Nice, Telikom.
You suck.

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Port Moresby

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