Telikom staff get health and safety training

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The National, Thursday, May 12, 2011

NINETEEN Telikom PNG staff have completed a workplace health and safety training course.
The week-long training was conducted by John Aidaboe, the training manager of Concept Training.
The 19 workers received certificates of participation after studying health and safety responsibilities in workplaces, principles of hazard prevention, the roles and responsibilities of organisational health and safety officers and other safety aspects.
The practical part of the training took the participants to demanding sites like restrooms, food bars, emergency exits and their workplace where participants noted risks and health concerns.
The participants gave presentations on their findings and gave recommendations on how those sites should be improved for better health and safety.
The reports from the participants have been filed and submitted to the responsible stakeholders for deliberation and improvement.
Participants said it was great learning experience as they now better understood health and safety issues.
They thanked the company for letting them undertake the course.
Telikom PNG head of human resources Chris Terupo told the participants they use the skills and knowledge from the course to improve their workplace.
“Telikom will benefit and so will each of you should you put into practise what have been learnt,” he said.
Terupo said the skill learnt should not only be used at the work place but applied at home.
He said that their profession was important as well as the health and safety training they went through.