Telikom to build network for university

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The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


TELIKOM Papua New Guinea has the gift, resources and potential to connect the shift from teaching to learning, Vice Chancellor for University of Goroka, Professor Gairo Onagi said.   

Onagi made the comments recently during the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the university and Telikom PNG for a modernised network construction for the school.

He said this year 7,000 students applied to the school which was only allowed take in 2,000 and would like to create more learning opportunities for those who were left out.

He said UOG had the distance learning centres and it would be good news for Telikom PNG to allow high speed internet access so learning could be brought to those left out.

“Today in the universities, students are learning ahead of the lecturers and professors because of internet access. That is why we need to provide them with the equipment where they can be able to learn on their own.”

He said they could not hire good books from overseas because it was expensive.

“If we can improve our internet services to that of overseas countries then our students would have better opportunity to learn,” he said.

He said UOG was trying to develop learning in a cheapt and efficient way.

“It is not about teaching, it’s about learning, so give that opportunity for our children.”

Telikom’s chief executive officer Charles Litau said the market was changing and they had to position themselves with national universities. 

“It was important because you (Onagi) are part of that responsibility to cultivate our future leaders,” he said.