Tell us what you have done, Rapa

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The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I REFER to the report on May 5 where Wai Rapa boasted so much about his leadership role in Wamp Nga group of companies. 
As a Western Highlan­der, I cannot let this assertion pass unchallenged.
First and foremost, the people of WHP have not seen any tangible developments or projects funded by the company. 
So many years have passed by and still we have no public report outlining what the company has achieved since its inception.
Nonetheless, given that it is a public company, why can’t the financial reports be made public to the people of WHP and the public for scrutiny?
I am particularly in­trigued with the last paragraph of the report, in which the deputy governor and chairman of Wamp Nga group of companies, Rapa is quoted as saying that  “… under his leadership as chairman, he initia­ted a lot of projects in WHP and, specifically, the company has maintained a healthy balance sheet” .
What projects was he referring to? 
Most of the projects in Hagen and WHP are initia­ted by outside stakehol­ders, especially the diplomatic community. 
One such icon, thanks to the people of Australia is the Hagen market.
It is sad that neither Rapa nor WHPG initiated this project.
Why can’t Rapa name the projects that were initiated by him?
For starters, can he outline the achievements of the Wamp Nga group of companies and how those achievements have benefited the people of WHP?
Perhaps he would like to give a précis of the financial status of Wamp Nga group of companies, and if they have contributed to the construction of the market and other infrastructure developments in WHP.
Those are questions that need to be answered before claiming credit for unspe­cified developments, whe­ther they exist or not.
Don’t bring up the Ha­gen market; it’s a gift from Australians, not from Wai Rapa or the WHPG.


Indipi Rutzman
Via email