Temai commended for bold move


THE bold decision by newly-appointed Simbu administrator Michael Temai to suspend the principal adviser for health and engage of auditors to investigate financial expenditure for the last three years is acknowledged and welcomed by many health workers and public servants in Chimbu.
The health division is one of the most-corrupt over the last eight years. The audit will notice that over the years, health contracts were awarded to the same six building and construction companies more often than any other contractor in the province.
This is official corruption, abuse of public office and breach of Public Finance Management Act.
The case must be referred to the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Unit for intensive investigation and appropriate charges after completion of internal audit.
Temai’s decision is commended.
We want honest, transparent and reliable officers to work with you to bring Chimbu forward to the next level in terms of public service delivery.

Rural Doctor