Temo vows to cooperate

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The National, Monday July 29th, 2013


A VISIT by Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa to Tubiri village, outside Mendi town, Southern Highlands, has prompted a former political rival to resolve their differences.

Mendi town manager Steven Temo was pleased to see the Imbonggu MP setting foot on his home turf last Sunday and supporting the local church he had worked hard for.

Temo, in front of a packed crowd, commended the O’Neill Government and vowed to work closely with Awesa in developing the province. 

“The government of the day is doing many good works and leaders must leave their political differences aside and help develop the province,” he said.

Temo said the national highway and many feeder roads were upgraded and people’s lives had changed,  which was a sign of development taking place in the province.

“I am doing my best to beautify our only town in the province and working together with such visionary leaders will help develop our town and province,” he said.