Ten win air tickets

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The National, Monday October 14th, 2013

 AIR Niugini has given 10 people tickets to fly to any of its destinations as part of its 40th anniversary celebration.

The names of another 30 will be announced later.

The names of the 10 were randomly picked from the 112,323 people who travelled with Air Niugini between September 1 and October 1.

The 10 are Liripu Greg (ticket number 6569495181981), Siddique Tofayel (6569495189574), Chan Hayleeer (6562141214355), Ae Simon (6569495177240), Cathy Pianga (6562140892585), Soma Jeffery (6562140069016), Whittington Jeremy (6562140274812), Masani David (6564169567416), Ng Keebeng (6562141191261), and Savala Kengatu (6562141190891).

The names were randomly selected using the True Random Number Generator and was done by two of Air Niugini’s longest serving staffs members, Morea Maiu and Bue Ovia. 

Air Niugini chief executive officer Simon Foo said “this is part of the airline’s initial 40,000 seats on 40% fare promotion which started on Sept 1. However, the promotion is not restricted to people who travelled on other fares as long as they travelled in September.”