Ten with zero vote removed in Manus

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The National, Friday July 6th, 2012

TEN candidates have been eliminated from both the regional and open electorates of Manus as counting progresses.
The ten candidates were eliminated because they had not received not a single vote so far.
And preliminary counting results yesterday showed that the two sitting MPs were
still leading.
During the count, 173 ballot boxes were distributed for the Manus regional seat.
Governor Michael Sapau led with 4,959, Charlie Benjamin was second on 4,582 votes and Wep Kanawi with 2,626.
The total ballot papers were 23,422, with 23,418 papers remaining. The absolute majority target is 11,710.
For the Manus open seat, 166 ballot boxes were distributed in the count.
Manus MP Job Pomat led with 4,337 votes, Ronny Knight on 3,264, Leslie Roai on 3,114 and Sam Tasion with 1,983.
The total allowed ballot papers were 23,357, with 23,356 papers remaining. The absolute majority target is 11,678.
According to reports from Manus last night, they expected to declare the winners early this morning. Citizens in Manus continued to maintain peace and order as counting progressed into its third day.