Tenants told to check agreement


ACTING National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Chris Tamari has urged people living in the National Housing Commission properties to check the status of their tenancy agreements to avoid eviction.
He spoke after an eviction exercise at the NHC Hostel at Tokarara yesterday and said every eviction process in the city followed legal procedures.
“We keep on telling people day-in day-out, year-in year-out that they need to start looking at the properties that they are living in,” Tamari said.
He said people who lived in NHC properties needed to find out if they had the title, a tenancy agreement, whether they rented and what the status of their properties was.
Tamari said if they failed to do that, then anyone else interested on the property could strike a deal and obtain it.
“You cannot blame police when it comes to eviction because all our evictions are sanctioned by the court. That’s it,” Tamari said.
He explained that for every eviction to take place, the commander would check for evidence and court order.