Tewai-Siassi fishermen landing big ones for Lae Market


THE Fogerson fishing group of Malai Island in the Tewai-Siassi district of Morobe has been supplying fresh fish to the Lae Fish Market.
The group catches fish in the reefs off Malai Island, using bottom fishing techniques.
It is buying fish from villagers of Malai Island and Aronai village. Founder Felix Fozeye said the group started supplying fish to the market on March 25.
“We spend K5000 for every operation to supply to the fish market,” he said. “We buy big fish from villagers so they can have money.
“There is no other way individuals can sell to get money.
“If we start a cooperative, it will take a long time. People need money daily and we need to cater for that need in whatever way we can. This fishing group is to support our fishing communities and villagers.
“There were logging companies in Siassi which supported the locals but since they left, there is no money circulated in the villages.”
Lae Fish Market team leader Ralph Ryan welcomed the business provided by the group
which was making money not only for members but for the villagers too.

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