TFF cut is a big mistake


THE honey moon is over as the Marape led government has used the wrong recipe to cook up something that I believe many people, especially parents, will find hard to swallow as it taste really bitter.
The 50 per cent slice into TFF allocation will surely erode the trust and faith people put towards this government.
Marape–Steven government have made a mistake by doing this as many parents trust his government will continue to support the free education policy.
Giving parents the half responsibility to pay school fees from elementary to grade twelve starting next year, is not a good idea.
A responsible government should care for its citizens no matter how hard it struggle to fix the economy.
Do not take away what is good from people and use it as cost cutting counter measure.
Identify all forms of tax abuses and save the country.
Internal Revenue Commission is doing a good job by exposing millions in personal income and corporate taxes not been remitted by some companies on time.
Step up and recover those losses.
Public Accounts Committee is doing fine with their investigation into how public monies were spent.
Get those fraudsters locked behind bars.
Enough of wasting tax payer’s money for personal gain.
Investment Promotion Authority is wondering how many companies are genuinely operating and paying taxes to the government.
Come on, deregister or summon them to own up.
Our very own revenue generating firms (SoE) are not functioning well.
There are many in-house issues, even they can’t pay their share of taxes to the government on time.
Public service emoluments increases because of ghost public servants and duplicate roles.
Fix all these, as millions have gone out the window undetected instead of sacrificing your own citizens.
This sudden cut will surely force parents to dig deeper into their pockets to add onto what has been normally paid as upfront registration payment for children to secure space beginning every academic year.
Parents will end up borrowing extra money to fund children’s education and the end result will leave them depth ridden.
Leaders who have made this decision to cut TFF budget do not care and know what it takes for an ordinary citizen to make ends meet to survive.
You continue to broaden the gap between rich and poor through such bad and inhumane decisions.
PNG is a developing country and our human resource sector needs full government support.

Hanam Bill Sandu,
Against the cut


  • Best move by the government.
    It has been a huge waste of tax payers money to date with TFF. It created millions of useless grade 8, 10, 12 college and uni graduates/drop outs.
    Parents must be responsible.
    No parents cried out foul-play at the moment the child was being conceived.

  • Its A good move,TFF has left classrooms overcrowded with both students and and teachers welfare in schools being compromised.
    have lot of schools gone without TFF as result has to closed up earlier as it has no money to pay bills,and ration for boarding students.
    its good move so lets be responsible for our kids and have that parental concerned,

  • Bill Sandu,
    The days of sitting around and depending on free handouts must be over. There is nothing free in this world. Some of us (minority few) are sweating our guts to pay tax to the government while most of you cry for free handouts. Thousands are filling up the settlements while massive fertile lands are sitting idle. Try fly from Vanimo down to Samarai, across to Manus over New Britain and back to Lae and see. How much of our fertile, agricultural land are covered in forests and grasses waiting for cultivation????

  • I have been paying for my children Education ever since. Wonem kain fri Education are we talking about . TFF funds are being misused by corrupt people. Schools are not getting the funds on time or none at all in most of our institutions around the country with the previous Government.

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