TFF funds released: Kuman

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman says K75.4 million was released recently to complete the tuition fee free (TFF) payments for the second quarter or Term Two.
“The Department of Treasury has released a warrant for K75.4 million,” Kuman said in a statement last Friday.
“This latest payment brings the total TFF payments to K301 million.
“I am thankful to the Government for its commitment by giving priority to this key policy to ensure that every child receives an education.
“The Department of Education is now working on the payments to be deposited in the commercial banks.
“Schools will have access to their money by (this) week.
“The Government has appropriated K602 million in 2016 with K150.5 million to be paid each quarter. The infrastructure component will be paid into TFF trust accounts held at the district treasury offices for the schools to access in the near future.
“Currently, all funds are paid to schools.
“The Department of Education now has a TFF quality assurance officer in each province.
“This officer will be the direct link between the schools, the provincial office and the department.
“The provincial officer oversees the disbursements of TFF payments and also deals with other TFF-related matters.
“I once again remind schools and their administrations to use the money wisely and only on areas that will improve the teaching and learning in the classroom.
“Governing boards of schools must ensure the funds are used prudently, transparently and also accounted for with proper reports to parents and education authorities.”