TFF policy needs work


Government for the establishment of the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) policy.
This policy has been in execution since 2011.
Today we begin to see the actualisation of the policy such as increase in the enrolment, reduction in parents financial burdens, access to education and many more , lead to many people throughout the nation are speaking highly of this government.
However, as an educationist, I also realised that there are problems that silently felt by students, the school boards and the teachers and the school administrators (head teachers).
One of this is the TFF finance which has three components, the administration, infrastructure and teaching and learning.
Most school authorities are easily accessed to the administrative component and have difficulty in obtaining the other two components because of the terms and conditions affixed to.
I physically checked five primary schools along the Huon Gulf in Morobe and found that the number of textbooks and teaching and learning materials cannot balance out with the number of children enrolled per grade and it’s classes, classroom spaces cannot adequately accommodate the big enrolment number to a manageable sizes, hardly or not seen new teacher’s houses to have additional teachers.
The National Government, who is the initiator of the TFF policy and funder, is not sufficiently fed with the real-time on the ground situational reports by relevant government department in the areas of implementation, monitoring and reporting.
After all , this is our country , young people are the assets of this nation of ours and I encourage all of you there to share what you see around you so that adjustments can made so that we see good benefits from this policy and other policies yet to come.

Jack KUKIWA (Educationist)