Thank you, Oil Search


SINCE 2012, I have been studying a series of Diploma in Education Primary In-Service (DEPI) courses in Kikori and also in Moro under the Oil Search sponsorship programme.
I really enjoyed this programme because Oil Search gave my colleagues and me world-class treatment.
My colleague (Mr Jack) and I would be picked up at our teaching locations in East Kikori by the company-organised dinghy and transported west to our district headquarters.
Sometimes we were lodged at Kikori Community Development Initiative (CDI) Guest House.
If time permitted we would travel direct to Kopi Oil Search Camp and lodge for the night.
The next day we would be given a chopper ride to Gobe Ridge Camp.
If time allowed we would go onboard Hevi Lift right away to Moro.
Otherwise, we would be booked at Gobe Ridge Camp and be
flown to Moro the next day,
touching down the amazing lake Kutubu.
These times are very memorable to me because of the VIP treatment a simple classroom teacher like me was given for the last four years.
Furthermore, apart from the company spending money to move us from our teaching locations to either Kikori or Moro, we were booked in very high-tech classrooms and dined with national and international company workers.
I really enjoyed this programme and commend coordinators for the excellent treatment given.
I credit you for all your efforts in organising and funding this programme for us.
Had it not being for the company’s efforts to prioritise this programme, through eight of us, we would not have had this wonderful experience.
Because of your investment, on Nov 30, I graduated with my Diploma in Education. Thank you Oil Search for giving me this privilege to pursue my studies and to finally graduate.

Eddie Morea
Moro DEPI student