Thank you, Education Dept


I COMMEND the strategic stance by the Education Department to eradicate fraudulent elementary teachers nationwide.
Please fill the vacuum with qualified degree educationists with improved salary structures to teach our children.
Please emphasise the core subjects of English, math, science and social science.
The current education system is not producing quality but substandard quantity.
The early years are the crucial years in a child’s school life.
Quality teachers will enhance quality students to produce quality results.
Why wait until they are in high school or secondary school to write good English and comprehend basic math concepts when young and pure minds can be enhanced at an early age?
Kudos to the Education Department on ridding half-baked elementary teachers.
Just imagine the lies fed to our children over the years.
Needless to say, we can compare ourselves to our own children to figure out where it all went wrong since our children spend most of their time in a classroom.
We need to breed research in young minds.
We need to teach them to be inquisitive rather than being textbook-fed by incompetent teachers from elementary levels.

Concerned Parent