Thank you for sending MP Duma back to us

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014

 THE decision by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to strip Mt Hagen’s MP William Duma of the petroleum  and energy portfolio is a relief.  

Duma has held the position for many years. 

Although he had been responsible for the initial development phases of the LNG project and other such projects, it is time for someone else to take over.  

This is because his electorate is missing out on government services.  

We  hope  to  benefit  more  from  our  K10  million DSIP funds allocated every year. 

Duma has always given the same message every time he is invited to an occasion that he is ‘busy attending to an important ministerial job that determines the future of PNG’ and  always  asks  the people of Mt Hagen to bear with him and accept what little  services  he  has time to deliver.  

Now he will have no excuses and will be free to work for his electorate and maybe  help  catch  up  for the few missing years.

If he puts in just 50%  effort into his electorate, that will be plenty.

There has been no impartiality in the running of his office and there has never been  a  time  when  he has visited  other  parts of his electorate.  

He is lucky to have a good name because the electorate makes up the town and villages in its vicinity and as the town is being developed by businesshouses, locals and  Governor Paias Wingti, Duma can relax and claim that he has done something.  

We now hope to see him at home more often and provide much-needed services such as rural electrification, water supply, agricultural projects and road maintenance. 


Kumeia Pona Ambe 

Mt Hagen