Thank you from SHP


ON behalf of the Southern Highlands people, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all Papua New Guineans who contributed to help those affected by the disaster.
You have shown great patriotism in the face of adversity.
We thank you all for standing with us during the height of an unforeseen natural upheaval that shook us like never before.
Regardless of the tumultuous times we have had as a nation during the political crisis over the past two years, you have proven to the world that you still reserve the profound love and care for your countrymen and women in times of disaster. Though we are culturally diverse in many aspects of life, and seemingly obstructed by some 800-plus languages, we remain united and unshakable as a
nation even when disaster threatens.
We also extend our thank-you to all organisations, both domestic and abroad, for their generous contributions to the relief operations so far. A prompt recovery from the earthquake remains a remote possibility without your undivided support.
For what is stronger than the human spirit that is courageous and united in times of mayhem and disaster? So shall we stand firm with courage knowing well that you are there for us.

Sly Effa

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