Thank you, Goi


THANK you Jimi MP Wake Goi for delivering some of the most anticipated services that are making dreams come true for one
of the most rugged and disadvantaged electorates inb the country.
Goi provided the people of Jimi two vital roads, tfrom Benz to Kol and from Karap to Koinambe.
His quick intervention towards grieving parents by aiding Jimi students with their school fees is highly commendable.
To add another good work of yours to the list is the 10 per cent subsidy on airfares for students whose homes are only accessible by air travel by MAF light planes.
It is not that you only think of the students, but you are also helping adults by subsidising their airfares.
It is an indication of a true leader who understands the situation and circumstances faced by outback people.
We are also pleased with other infrastructural developments that are coming up.

Paul Minga
Jimi Offspring

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