Thank you Kur for your contributions


WE thank the president of Kinjibi-Mala local level government (LLG) Rodney Kur in Dei, Western Highlands, for contributing to the positive development of our wards despite funding setbacks.
We know that our councillors are not receiving their grants to develop their wards since they were elected but our LLG president is not like other councillors that make excuses about the funding setbacks.
Kur is always digging deep into his pocket to ensure his people feel the Government’s presence.
That mostly happens when people less expect it.
The first-time councillor and president had earlier used his own money to buy a new lawn mower for Nunga primary and high schools to use.
He supports churches and helps in many programmes in the communities within the LLG.
He is the board chairman of Kondopina High School, which is situated in his ward, a position he held before being elected as a councillor.
He recently spent K2,000 from his own discretion to sponsor a mini sports programme for his Prandka community at Waigani Village during Christmas.

Simon Nomane