Thank you Madang PNG Power team


WE have had a lot of challenges in the past few months.
First we had some bush fires that burnt wooden poles along the north coast of Madang.
They were immediately replaced with steel poles.
Then there was a storm that knocked down many of the poles.
It was a lot of challenge for the PNG Power Madang crew to secure a crane and work around the clock to get the power back up.
Even though it took a little more than week, it was back up.
What really gave us customers patience and courage was the effective communication and up-to-date information through the WhatsApp group of the PNG Power Madang team.
We had up-to-date information of when to expect service to be restored.
From the electronic communications, we know there was work in progress and they were sequentially fixing affected areas in an orderly manner.
We know there is no point in fixing downed poles in our region without first fixing the areas closer to the main power source.
They are a hard-working crew and we saw frequent update of power being restored systematically and customers thanking them for the service.
This is encouraging.
Whenever there are outages, we can rely on the effective and efficient service from the PNG Power team in Madang.
The crew know exactly what they are doing.
The customer service is friendly and courteous.
I am very happy and proud to be served by the PNG Power Madang team.
I would like to thank Mr Semu, who tirelessly answers our text even after the working hours.
He is very patient and a good manager.
I thank all the crew who are on the streets patrolling the roads and serving the customers even in bad weather.

Fr. Roshan, Madang

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