Thank you Marape for road announcement


PRIME Minister James Marape’s recent visit to Jimi, a district with difficult geographical landscape in the country, was a joyous moment for the people and local MP Wake Goi.
People gathered at Kol mini station to take a glimpse of their prime minister and to hear what he had to say.
It was an opportune time for many in their outback dwellings to see their prime minister for the first time.
Their distant walk and eagerness to see and welcome Marape was rewarded when the PM promised them that their road network in the electorate would become the responsibility of the Government to fix and maintain.
This is a rewarding and pleasant news for the Jimi people.
A good road network will see goods and services reaching the people.
Business and agricultural activities will flourish if the road is in a good state.
Public servants such as teachers and health workers will be happy to work in the district.
Thank you Marape for considering us, the back page people.

Nelson Yambe,
Kol High School,