Thank you, Marape, team


WE thank Prime Minister James Marape, Prof John Vince, National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning, Dika Toua and the rest of the team for stepping up and being vaccinated with what was presented by the Australian government to the people of Papua New Guinea on a golden platter.
It was documented time and again by sociologists and anthropologists that in Melanesian Papua New Guinea, people go to extremes to debate issues only to return to the drawing board and get things done.
Congratulations to everyone for the discussions regarding the vaccine donated by the people of Australia.
If we were given the chance to “go shopping”, the Government would have a choice to determine the timeframe involved, the magnitude of local outbreak and its effect on the local population and select among 58 different Covid-19 vaccines.
These 58 different vaccines are all yet to be approved by the World Health Organisation.
None of those other vaccines have received accreditation by the International Food and Drug Administration.
However, due to world demand from an outbreak that has shaken mankind, some of us are lucky that we have “big brothers” who can assist in times of need.
We thank the Australian government and its people for their continued support to Papua New Guinea.
We acknowledge China’s efforts in supporing Papua New Guinea as well.
Thank you Marape and the team for installing confidence in our people.

Gerard Saleu