Thank you, Mundie


THE Omangar tribe of Millep Village in North Waghi, Jiwaka, is anticipating major developments.
Local businessman Robert Mundie, the CEO and owner of the Highlands’ popular Mt Fruit Wine Company, is spearheading infrastructural developments in that outback countryside.
The construction of the Genol Hydro Dam will benefit schools like Millep Lutheran High, St Jerome Millep Primary, Station and Redland Elementary, the Norba Sub-Health Centre and the rural population in general.
The Genol Cattle Farming project will create jobs for up to 500 local people, giving them a decent opportunity to generate income for their families.
The cattle farming project has long-term plans to process dairy products and beef for local consumption.
Since Jiwaka is an infant province, downstream processing in the agricultural sector – mainly coffee, tea and cattle – will boost the province’s revenue and create more jobs for its people.
As such, the local economy will be developed to benefit the province and its people.
Therefore, support is needed from the government and aid agencies. On that note, I’d like to thank Frank Goi, the founder of Jiwaka Rotary Club, for taking rotary people from Australia to Millep.
We hope something positive will germinate in future.
Mundie has bought a backhoe and several dump trucks and he’s using them to upgrade both old and new feeder roads linking both Nondgul and Banz LLGs, and every employee working on those feeder roads is paid on a fortnightly basis.
It is rare to find people like Mundie who put people’s interests first and promote development.
The educated and other businesspeople of Omangar tribe should put aside their internal differences and work together to develop Millep.
Finally, far beyond Genol, the mountains, rivers and forests belong to the Omangar tribe.
Therefore, preservation is necessary for our future generations.

Max M Wapi
KD Express

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