Thank you Namah for standing up for B’ville


IF it was not for Bougainville, Opposition Leader Belden Namah would not have been sent to jail.
Namah’s fearless and courageous character in protecting the nation’s security against the foreign mercenaries put him as a national and a Bougainville hero.
His recent media release on the recent joint supervisory body (JSB) resolution between Papua New Guinea and the Bougainville leaders again reflects his continuous support – not only to stabilise the country, but to Bougainville’s desire for political independence.
Namah stayed with the people of Bougainville during the Sandline crisis and still continues even up till now.
To Namah, the people of Bougainville will continue to see you as a hero and your support in fully understanding the wishes of self-determination is a plus for them.
The delay tactic in deferring a political settlement date to 2027 is not in accordance with the spirit of peace and reconciliation as well as the peace agreement.

Weko Tantanu,
South West Bougainville