Thank you Parkop, continue the work


THE National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop is commended for fixing bad roads in Morata suburb.
Despite numerous appeals to Port Moresby North West MP Sir Mereke Morauta to give priority and use the district’s funds to fix bad road conditions in and around Morata suburb, he has gone into hibernation and will pop out like a turtle during election time.
We applaud Parkop’s quick action to fix these bad roads in and around Morauta.
Thumbs up for the action governor.
If these roads were fixed using the provincial funds as stated by the Parkop himself, then we kindly urge your office to fix the deteriorated road conditions in the Wildlife area and 8-Mile roads leading to first, second and last blocks.
These roads are as bad as Morata suburbs roads too.
Making Port Moresby a amazing city to visit will only be a compliment if these deteriorated roads are also given attention.
We believe in our action Governor Parkop that these roads will be also fixed.
Can these roads be sealed permanently to avoid continuous deterioration?

Wildlife and 8-Mile resident

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