Thank you PNG Power, Eda Ranu workers


I THANK the hard working staff of PNG Power, Eda Ranu and all service providers especially the technical/field/operations guys.
They do all the hard and dirty work to ensure all services are running smoothly for us to enjoy.
We are quick to complain and curse them when the power and water goes off but we do not realise and appreciate the hours they are putting in during the day and even night to ensure that everything is restored whilst we sit in our couches and do nothing but complain.
This is very common among Papua New Guineans.
We like to complain a lot but when it comes to doing something for yourself or the country, we prefer to sit by and watch from the sidelines. Credit to the hardworking men and women of PNG Power and Eda Ranu.

Your Countryman

One thought on “Thank you PNG Power, Eda Ranu workers

  • PNG Power and Eda ranu are Gold Pots, if government sell it for a billion dollar, many company will compete to purchase it. Wake up PNG power and Eda Ranu, you are loosing so much money when the demand is very very high. With income from them alone can cater for 1 quarter of PNG budget.

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