Thank you Tongamp for upgrading road


AS councillor of Warakar in North Waghi, I commend Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp for upgrading the Warakar-Kombulno road.
The people appreciate the road maintenance which started late last year.
An excavator was clearing and levelling the road and fixing the drainage system.
The governor allocated funds to build the damaged bridge across Kumuk Creek.
Tongamp’s initiative in building the bridge is supported by local leader and businesswoman Daisy Ondokoi and her Komblo tribesmen.
Good roads and bridges are key services that open the doors for other services to fall in.
Elected leaders should address the needs of the majority of the people living in rural areas.
People do not need money, beer cartons or material goods.
People need tangible infrastructure such as what we are seeing here.
We want more of such services.
However, the sad reality is that people do not seem to believe in services.
This mentality should stop.
People should demand services from their leaders and not believe in leaders who dish out cash.
Leaders who dish out cash and entertain tribesmen with beer, hire cars and hotel accommodations are not real leaders.
I thank Tongamp for the funds spent towards the infrastructures and would like to see the work cover all areas in Komblo.

Peter Ak
Koskala 1
Ward Councillor